Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Breed - Demo '88

New Breed was a band from North of New York City (White Plains). They were totally on the Breakdown tip, actually they sound like a total rip-off, but that is ok.

This is what the guy that hooked me up with the demo had to say about it:

"The demo undeniably sounds like a lost Breakdown session with songs that just weren't good enough to make it onto the '87 Demo or Runnin' Scared demo. I really can't think of a better Breakdown rip-off band."

What more can I say?

Just download the demo and check it out for yourself.


The audio is just one file, if anyone feels like splitting the tracks, please do so and mail me the separated songs.

These are the songs:

1/ Intro
2/ Personal Vendetta
3/ Mind Of My Own
4/ Face Value
5/ No Pain


  1. The drummer for this band is my tenant, how ironic is that?

  2. The guitarist was my business partner and friend at the infamous Korova Milk Bar.