Tuesday, February 15, 2011

John Watson era Agnostic Front

Photos found on the Facebook

Old Dead Stop Interview

Dead Stop Done With You Deranged Test Press

Today my boy Stief Positief e-mailled me the following short Dead Stop interview he got from his Breakaway Fanzine co-editor Jonas Kinet back in 2003.

Dead Stop live at Visioen Brugge

Since Dead Stop is the best band from the '00s and best Belgian band ever I didn't want to hold out on you.

Copied and pasted straight from the e-mail, what you see is what you get:

> Subject: Dead Stop
> Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 11:40:12 +0200
> -you guys didn’t play for quite some time. What happened?
> First of all, we're lazy. Besides that, most shows they offer us suck. Do people really think we're gonna play with Morda?
> -are any of the members in other bands right now?
> Michiel is in Between The Lines, Coorde in Last In Line.
> -was it a specific choice to release all your stuff on different labels up till now? Or did that just happen?
> We did the demo by ourselves, logically if you ask me. Bands whose demo is put out by a label are morons. End of discussion.
> The 7" came out on Reflex, the guys seemed to be cool in the beginning and were the first to offer us to put out our 7". They run their label as a joke. Hilarious.
> -have you ever experienced traffic violence, coming from a scene likewise to the one you describe in ‘crosswalk’?
> The hardest shit that ever happened on the road is when Coorde stepped out of his car to punch the guy of the car that drove behind him in the face.
> Another incident that happened was when Tuffin attacked a police officer because he was giving him a parking ticket.
> Hard times.
> -what do you hate the most about today’s society?
> Farmers and the Set-Up.
> -have you ever got banned from a club for thrashing it? Any good stories about that?
> Wer're banned from Dendermonde, that's it.

Dead Stop and Larry

Jonas Kinet pasting Dead Stop posters in front of someone's doorstep

all pics by Laura

Pete's Sake follow-up

Pete Koller mugshot, taken from Boiling Point fanzine, scanned by Cade Perrin.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pete, His Sake And New Breed

After yesterday's post about the New Breed demo, someone hooked me up with this little scan taken from Give Thanks fanzine, done by Tom Kuntz. This sheds some different light on New Breed, the band, and maybe the reason this band is rather unheard of when it comes to NYHC (besides that they were not from any of the 5 boroughs).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Breed - Demo '88

New Breed was a band from North of New York City (White Plains). They were totally on the Breakdown tip, actually they sound like a total rip-off, but that is ok.

This is what the guy that hooked me up with the demo had to say about it:

"The demo undeniably sounds like a lost Breakdown session with songs that just weren't good enough to make it onto the '87 Demo or Runnin' Scared demo. I really can't think of a better Breakdown rip-off band."

What more can I say?

Just download the demo and check it out for yourself.


The audio is just one file, if anyone feels like splitting the tracks, please do so and mail me the separated songs.

These are the songs:

1/ Intro
2/ Personal Vendetta
3/ Mind Of My Own
4/ Face Value
5/ No Pain

Ads Straight From The Big Apple

All ads are taken from Michael's other blog, without permission, BOOM!

Early NYHC Flyers

Corruption And Faggots All Around Me - the fanzines

A few years ago there was this NYHC tribute newsletter/fanzine from Texas that had the lame habit to (try to) shock people by being ignorant and (pseudo-)right wing and homophobic writings.

That aside I really liked the vibe of those two newsletters.

If you want to check them out, you can download them here:


Enjoy, and skip the ignorant shit.

One Step Forward And Two Steps Back

Token Entry Ready Or Not Tour 1986

Pictures from the 1986 US tour Token Entry did, still with Anthony 'Raw Deal' Comunale on vocals. All pics from a show in San Francisco.

Friday, February 11, 2011

We're officially going live

We’re two months into 2011 already and one of my new year’s resolution was getting back to blogging. I had been thinking about reanimating my old blog Megalomaniacal Supernauts for a few months, but decided I should let it rest in peace. I still like the content and what I’ve done, but that blog is from another period, both in my life and in the so-called hardcore scene. So I figured, in 2011 I’ll start a new blog.

I kinda know myself well enough to realise that I won’t keep up with posting a lot on the blog, so I figured that I needed some sort of companion. In the past I’ve tried to co-operate with friends, but most of the time that ends up with bullshitting about stupid stuff and not getting work done.

So, I thought about people I knew through the internets and figured my e-man Michael Fairley, a.k.a. Mike The Mosher, should be my partner in crime. I’ve never met the dude in real life, but he seemed like a cool guy through chatting and e-mailing, so I asked him if he’d be down to join me to do Lions And Cheetahs. Michael was honored that I asked him, so obviously he couldn’t decline. So, here you have it the first cool transatlantic blog.

I don’t think we have a real mission statement, but you can I think I can speak for the both of us when I say that you can expect interviews with new and old bands, random chitchat, and mp3s (live sets, obscure stuff, old EPs, or forgotten bangers). There might be the occasional review, column or guest spot, we’ll see what the future brings.

Add us to your RSS feed, Live Bookmarks, Google Reader or whatever and stay tuned.

Also, check out my other blog for stuff about everything I’m interested in and more:


Two Cro-Mags Live Sets To Download

Someone e-mailed me looking for some Cro-Mags live sets. I uploaded two sets for him, not that they are rare or anything, but he wanted them.

I might as well share them with you guys:

Cro-Mags - Live At CBGB's 01.'85

Cro-Mags - Live In Bochum 06.24.'91


Major Conflict live on stage.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Breakdown WNYU Interview Re-enactment

Breakdown WNYU Crucial Chaos interview video re-enactment. This is just too crazy/stupid/funny for words. Having done film school myself I know you do kinda stupid shit for school assignments, but still…