Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Mob - Step Forward

So, apparently some dude from The Mob found a stack of original Step Forward EPs in his closet/basement/cave and this week you could snatch these up for some $30 from Indie Merch Store Bummer is that I missed out on this and of course didn't get one. MTM did get one I think.

For those that would care, all band members signed and numbered the 63 copies. It's kinda cool to know this sort of stuff can still happen in 2011 and hopefully the next round of Signed Vintage Sales is for other Mob Style Records or Abused Music records. Let's just hope I don't miss out then.

If you still want to get The Mob on vinyl, but don't want to drop more than $15, Painkiller, or some new sub-label, will release a discography by The Mob.

Bust It!

Here's a package review by HatredSerge from the NB Board:

I have #58/63. Its impossible to doubt the authenticity of this because it definitely has that "stored in someones closet for 28 years" look to it. the sleeve is slightly discolored and the labels on the B side seem a bit faded although side A is pretty clean. the vinyl itself was a bit dusty and there are some minute scratches in the runoff area, but other than that it looks fine and seems unplayed. while Its not in perfect condition (after all it was "lost" for 28 years), its definitely in pretty good condition. Im stoked on it...

John Watson, doing the mosh pit

Or maybe even inventing the NYHC mosh pit.